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The Lagree Megaformer


Since its introduction into the fitness world by creator, Sebastien Lagree the Lagree Fitness Method with its spring-based trainer the Megaformer, has been a state of the art tool for body sculpting and improving dynamic fitness. Its utility is apparent in clients new to exercise as well experienced athletes and it can be used to work any part of the body, especially the core.

Lagree Fitness is a high intensity, low impact, full body conditioning that combines strength, cardio, core, endurance and flexibility training in a 45 minute work-out

The Lagree workout is performed on the patented Megaformer M3X machine developed by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree. We are the only studio in Australia to currently offer a workout with the M3X.

Lagree is the ideal method for all ages and fitness levels.

Megaformer M3X

The Lagree benefits


  • Efficient and effective

  • Activates slow twitch muscle fibers that continue burning calories long after class is over

  • Low impact on the joints and spine

  • Adaptable to all fitness levels

Sebastian Lagree / The Man Behind the Machine

The Lagree Method and the Lagree Megaformer work together in harmony, which sets Lagree apart from other fitness philosophies. The Lagree Fitness Method offers a unique twist on traditional exercises such as squats, lunges, planks, and pushups while combining those movements with exercises specific to the Lagree Megaformer.

Sebastien currently holds 48 patents including a patent on the method and believes that a key ingredient to successful innovation is persistence. He cultivates this belief by continually experimenting, trying, and working towards a goal no matter what challenges and unexpected outcomes he encounters along the way.

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